Executive Members

Name Email Position
Adam Burgess finance@westernriptide.com Director of Finance
Adam Burgess treasurer@westernriptide.com Treasurer
Amanda Mosher ice@westernriptide.com Ice Coordinator
Amanda Roberts business@westernriptide.com Director of Business Administration
Brad Murray westernriptide.ric@gmail.com Referee in Chief
Charla Strang registrar@westernriptide.com Registrar
Charla Strang riskmanagement@westernriptide.com Risk Management Coordinator
Chris Hayes chair@westernriptide.com Chair
Darcey Frampton media@westernriptide.com Media and Website Coordinator
Denise Burgess vicechair@westernriptide.com Vice Chair
John Doucette development@westernriptide.com Development Coordinator
Meaghan Roberts marketing@westernriptide.com Director of Marketing
Mike Chapman pastchair@westernriptide.com Past Chair
Seana Langille branding@westernriptide.com Apparel and Brand Coordinator
Tim Lowe operations@westernriptide.com Director of Operations
Vacant Position inclusion@westernriptide.com Director of Inclusion and Diversity
Vacant Position equipment@westernriptide.com Equipment Coordinator
Vacant Position Secretary
Vacant Position Financial Assistance Coordinator
Vacant Position Fundraising and Grant Coordinator
Vacant Position westernriptide.awards@gmai.com Awards