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Expression of Interst U13/U11 C team

We are looking at creating a team where some of our U13 players who are not on our U13AA team can play and develop at the proper level. 
In addition, we have very high numbers and variable skill on our current U11 team and U13AA team and are wondering if any of those registered for those teams would prefer being on our C team. This team would have weekly practices and a game schedule - but with a lot less travel than our Representative teams.
What we are wondering is whether there is enough interest from players to make this new endeavour viable. Inevitably as players age the skill gap widens and motivations around experiencing the game begin to differentiate. What we are hoping to do is create more diverse offerings, which allows every girl to participate in hockey in the way they prefer. 
Let me know by Wednesday Oct 18th pm if this is an option you think your daughter may prefer. Your expression of interest is not a full commitment, we are only exploring the idea and figuring out if the numbers would make it viable. If the players are there, we will mobilize ASAP pending the ability to secure the additional ice time. And perhaps your daughter has a friend who would like to start playing as well. Share this with them and spread the word.
If you would also respond “I am Interested in the C option” or “I am not Interested in the C option.” That would help me to know if everyone has received the message. And save me a few phone calls. (I know I have talked to a few of you who have said you had interest but reply anyway so I can collect the responses in one place.
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Chris Hayes
Western Riptide Chair


Oct 16, 2023